I may as well try to predict and answer any frequently asked questions now, to allay the confusion and doubts of you, my as-yet-non-existent readership. A not-at-all strange thing to be doing at 11pm on a Monday.

Alright, here we go:

What’s your problem?

I love books and writing of almost all forms, and have very strong opinions about the effect entertainment media can have on the world.

My opinions on said entertainment media can subsequently be harshly worded, or seem condemning. In most cases, it’s not meant to indicate any personal feelings of indemnity I hold towards the work or its creator. Anyone brave enough to create a piece of art (and I consider science fiction and fantasy art, fight me about it).

If I do harbour a grudge, I’ll make it very clear, but off the top of my head I can only think of one series that inspires hatred of that calibre, and I don’t have the lawyer-money I’d need to properly express my feelings on the subject.

On the other hand, maybe you think I’m being too flippant about a serious subject. Feel free to message me about that, my intent in writing this (and anything else) is not to offend or mislead. I would genuinely appreciate you letting me know if I am wrong about something, so I have a chance to correct it.

Will you review my book?

Probably, let’s be honest. I read a lot, I read fast, and I’m underwhelmed by a lot of what I read. If that (for some reason) isn’t enough to turn you off the idea, send me your book. Unless I can’t get through it (which is unlikely, I read ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ voluntarily when I was twelve), I’ll post a review here. I don’t really know the laws and whatnot regarding copyright permissions, but if I need any, send them with a copy of your book.


Do you ever post on here?

I try. The current aim is to write at least once a week, with a proper entry–a book review, a ramble about fiction and whatever topic I associate with a specific trope or genre, an examination of society as viewed through the lens of a book series I particularly relate to, or whatever song lyrics are currently stuck in my head– something, usually around 500 words long.

The point, anyway, is that if I last posted quite recently (the last few days), I probably won’t post again for a bit. And if it’s been a while (7-10 days) I’m either busy, employed full-time (oh god, please), procrastinating (probably this) or I’ve abandoned the blog (possible, but I’d probably delete the whole thing in a shame-self-pity cycle, so if this is still here, sleep easy! I shall most likely return!).

How did you come up with the name?

My super imaginative, inspiring blog name? How did I come up with it? Well, it came to me in a dream, three robed figures appeared, each holding a glowing platter…

Realistically, I was trying to think of names, and most of them tended to be about pigeonholing myself. You know the blogs, right?

The quirky mountaineer

The solo-travelling mama

The moustachioed mermaid¹

…or whatever (that last one actually sounds nearly interesting).

Me being myself, I was writing down potential ideas, shortened any version of those I was (unhappily) considering to ‘adjective + noun’, with a list of each of those; but liked the overview title more than any other option I came up with.

To quote Oscar Wilde (maybe I should have called this ‘The pretentious rambler’ hmm? But for real, I’m ‘bout to quote Oscar Wilde), ‘To define is to limit’, and I didn’t want to limit myself or my nascent blog with a half-hearted name just like everyone else’s.

I am nothing if not lazy with just enough whimsy for it to be mistaken (on occasion) for eccentricity, so—unable to think of a name I was excited to use—I thought I’d just leave it as the overview-placeholder-title. It sort of fits, if I’m going to be pointing out trends that may or may not exist outside of my own, pattern obsessed mind; why not start with blog names and make the name of this one a reflection?

Maybe I’ll change it, probably I won’t.

Do you get paid for this mess?

Not yet, but I’m going to implement affiliate links to both link any books I review or mention, and potentially make a small commission via any sales I facilitate. I’ll need to hit a minimum amount to be able to cash out, which I likely won’t, but I am hopeful. You are, of course, under no obligation to purchase via these links, it’s just something I intend to try out.


¹Fun fact! I had to change the theoretical examples I used several times because I kept accidentally using actual blog names! The world is a constant disappointment!