Welcome to the adjective+noun About page where I tell you about the blog you’re already on, or attempt to answer any questions you have regarding it!

First, my reason for doing this:

I wanted to write more (as always), and taking a break from fiction to write about other people’s fiction seemed like a smart idea to me. I don’t get out much.

Second, the content you might expect:

Essentially, this blog will be a place where I ramble about the fiction I read, usually sci-fi/fantasy, with a tendency towards urban fantasy.

There’ll probably be a few rambles about subjects I feel strongly about, too—(mis)representation and the meaning/causes of tropes in fiction being one of the things I tend to annoy anyone I regularly talk to with, by regularly talking to them about my feelings on the topic for… far longer than their interest lasts.

I also post book reviews/recommendations, and (very occasionally) some of my own writing—usually stuff I’m trying to improve. So if my rambles annoy you and you want a chance to take me down a peg, I may well present you with a perfect opportunity! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Third, the frequency of the content:

I addressed almost everything above (including this) in my welcome post, but that may well be buried in the distant, un-read depths of the internet (if a blog post goes unread in a digital forest…) so: the current goal is to publish something at least once a week. That’s not a hard rule, but I am a bundle of anxiety and self-recrimination if I don’t reach my (largely self-imposed) goals, so it’s a fair guess I’ll stick roughly to that schedule.

Fourth, monetization.

This blog is (shockingly) not a money making venture, but I’m over a year in now and I’ve realised that providing links to the books I review would be a convenience for readers, and a potential way to make some cash for my time. Any links I provide will henceforth be affiliate links, meaning I could make a small amount of money if you purchase something through my links. You are of course under no obligation to make a purchase, and I doubt I’ll ever earn enough to receive payments anyway, but one can hope.

If you were looking for information not included here, check out the FAQs, or contact me.