Reading Recap: September 2021

I just realised that because I didn’t post last month’s reading recap, and so for the sake of continuity, I decided to post it now. All of the books I read last month are ones I own, so as usual of late, I will be omitting the bought/gifted/borrowed section of the book descriptions, I own all of the books I read in September.

Last Guard (Psy Changelings Trinity #5) by Nalini Singh, new read
Alpha Night (Psy Changelings Trinity #4) by Nalini Singh, re-read
A Killing Frost (October Daye #14) by Seanan McGuire, new read

Last month I was busy doing moving/renovating tasks, but I did want to start reading the new books I’d been ignoring during the chaos of actually moving, and I’m happy with the amount of reading I got done. I read books that are all part of long-running series (the Psy Changeling Trinity series is preceded by the Psy-Changeling series which is 15 books long) by authors I enjoy, because when I’m in a reading slump, I like to make it as easy as possible for myself to get caught up in a book again. So I first read Last Guard, and ended up re-reading the previous book in the series after it ended because I really do enjoy the world Nalini Singh has created, and the opportunities for commentary on environmental/mental health issues it provides.

Then, shortly after my birthday, I received my pre-ordered paperback of A Killing Frost (I still hate exclusively hardback releases, and have decided wherever possible to just wait for a paperback release because I do not like hardbacks or the associated price hike). First reads (especially if I intend to write a review) always take a little longer than re-reads, so among all the other things I was busy with last month, I’m happy with reading two new books, and fitting in a re-read.

This recap is definitely a little boring; I’m leaning towards re-instating seasonal reading recaps next year, because I really don’t think one month’s reading activity/trends is interesting enough to warrant a post. Still, I’ve kept it up this long, I may as well see it through.

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