Reading Recap July 2021

July was not an interesting month for me in terms of reading. I read one new book, as planned, then could not get invested in another new book, and ended up re-reading old vampire books instead, because (as I may have mentioned in my latest post LINK) moving is stressful and reading new things takes effort.

As has been the trend of late, none of my books were gifted to me, so I’m not going to include a gifted/bought notation after the book titles. I own them all. So without further ado, here are the books I read in July.

American Demon (Hollows #14) by Kim Harrison, new read
If Angels Burn (Darkyn #1) by Lynn Viehl, re-read
Private Demon (Darkyn #2) by Lynn Viehl, re-read
Dark Need (Darkyn #3) by Lynn Viehl, re-read

A pretty boring month, all things considered. Four books is fine, more than I expected to get done last month, and continuing on towards my goal of a book a week for the year. In terms of why I think I couldn’t get invested in more new novels, in addition to just wanting the ease and comfort of an old book, I think reading a Hollows novel might have thrown me back into my teenage reading habits and made me want to re-read the Darkyn novels. I’m not a huge fan of the vampire drama in the Hollows series, and I prefer Lynn Viehl’s science-fiction/historical take much more. I also just thoroughly enjoy Lynn Viehl’s writing—I will forever be sad that her Disenchanted & Co series never got completed.

In terms of hopes for August, I really don’t expect to get much reading done at all, I should be moved by early September (which is also the month of my birthday, so I’ll be taking some time to relax and maybe make a dent in my growing pile of books I genuinely want to read), so after another probably slow month this month, these updates might get a little more interesting again.

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