NaNoWriMo Midway Update

Just to recap, this year I decided not to try for the traditional goal of 50 000 words, because I haven’t been writing much this year, and getting back into the swing of things seemed like enough of a challenge. My goal instead has been to write every day.

Setting a reasonable goal has definitely paid off, and I’ve absolutely written more than I would have otherwise. The flexibility of topics and genres has really made it possible for me to make more time for writing, even when I’ve had to squeeze in half an hour to write before I go to sleep. I feel like this is the only conclusion I ever come to when I challenge myself to write more/more often, which is that writing more results in more quality writing, because it results in more writing full stop.

The exercise is useful, hopefully this time I manage to make more time to write in the future by remembering how much more productive I am long term to write even when I feel like I wouldn’t write anything worthwhile.

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