NaNo Take 2 Conclusion

This will be brief, because nothing has changed since my midway update (linked here). I continued editing my novel, I continued to receive little to no creative satisfaction from the editing. I continued fighting the urge to metaphorically set the project on fire and move on to something new and fun and interesting. I did not do that, and I think I’ve built up my editing muscles to the point where I will continue to slog through the boring, necessary work of making my mess readable.

The experiment was interesting (or rather, the things I figured out about my writing/editing process were), but I definitely know why NaNoWriMo is about writing rather than editing. To start, it’s much harder to measure progress. I edited a fair chunk of my book and made some sweeping changes, but I don’t know if I made ‘enough’ progress. I’m happy with my progress, and I believe I’ll continue to make it, so I think that’s enough.

As payment for how boring this update was, have a picture of my cat.

20191213_044624 (2).jpg

Her name is Selene

I didn’t time my project well, and realised embarrassingly recently that NaNo take 2 would end on the same day as my 2019 reading challenge, so you get two posts from me today. Enjoy, and happy new year¹!



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