Reading Challenge 2019 Check-in: June

So we’re halfway through the year, or near enough, and I thought I’d post an update on my 2019 reading challenge progress. For those of you who didn’t see my original goal, it was to read 50 books this year: approximately one a week.I left two books off the typical 52 book challenge to make things easier for myself, then promptly made things harder by deciding to review every book I read this year, because I guess I really hate achievable goals. If you’d like to see the books I’ve read, you can check my books read post, which I will continue to update throughout the year.

So far I’ve read 22 books, that means I’m about 1 book behind schedule. I’m currently reading three books, however, so I’m not worried. I’ll be at the mid-point of my goal soon enough. I’d already be there, but there was almost a month earlier this year when I didn’t read at all because of some sad personal news. This challenge has really showed me how much my mood affects my willingness to read¹, and proven that I return to familiar worlds and authors almost exclusively if I have less energy to spare.


I don’t have the energy to read AND put my glasses on. Oh woe is me!

This makes sense (to me, at least), why risk investing energy in a world or characters you might not enjoy, when you could bet on a sure thing? Which means the endless cycle of nostalgia-driven movies and reboots that’s dominating tv and movies lately suggests that everyone’s feeling a bit beaten down, low-energy and unwilling to take a chance on new media².

Well, mandatory-side track aside, that’s the check-in done. If you’re doing a reading challenge this year I’d love to hear about it. Have you noticed any patterns in your reading choices? Has the mere act of observing your reading driven you to read more, or different books? Did you get bored of this post and stop reading after the first paragraph? Let me know!


¹Reason 998, 000 why it annoys me when people pretend reading is about escapism

²Or that I’m feeling a bit gloomy and projecting my mood and responses onto the world. Either/or

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