Review: Bruja Chica, The Education of a Witch; Episode 1, The Fat Lady Sings by Sean Patrick Traver

NB—I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

To start, I’d like to apologise for the convoluted title of this post, I didn’t fully understand that this was an episode (?) of a book, rather than a full novel, and I’m not really sure how much information I should have provided as to what, exactly, it is I am reviewing. Obviously I can’t review Bruja Chica—The Education of a Witch, as I have only read Episode 1—The Fat Lady Sings. So from here on out, I’ll just treat that as the book title. Apparently it is also a Temple, Tree and Tower novel, but I wasn’t adding anything else to the title of this post, and I am unsure where the book falls in the Temple, Tree and Tower series.

20190519_102106 (2)

Can we agree that this cover is dark and cool? I love those orange cat eyes

Complicated series structure aside, I really enjoyed The Fat Lady Sings. The narrator was unexpected, and while the book’s short length (of 46 pages) meant that the antagonist appeared rather quickly, and with no real red herrings to distract the reader, the conclusion was fun, satisfying and unexpected. The horror elements of this novel were a nice touch, and I would definitely pick up the next book/episode in either the Temple, Tree and Tower series or Bruja Chica.

I liked Black Tom, and I thought his voice was interesting. The storytelling style of the novel reminded me of Enid Blyton meets Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. A strange mix, but a good one. A bit like chicken and strawberries, you probably wouldn’t think of it; but if you try it, it works. Winter Flower has potential to be an interesting character, and I obviously adored the Fat Lady.

The line about the Fat Lady singing did seem a little bit cheesy, but I think it helped tie the book off nicely.  There was (I believe) a minor plot hole regarding the way Winter Flower obtained a dollar, but it didn’t affect the flow of the story and I don’t really mind. The story did its job, and provided an introduction to characters that will become important, gave a feel for the world Bruja Chica—The Education of a Witch is set in, and started to build a world of magic and monsters that will (presumably) be the backdrop for some really great character development.

If you enjoy horror, and short, fun reads, The Fat Lady Sings is for you.

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