Ramble: Day Jobs

I recently registered as a sole trader, which is basically a way to allow me to file taxes for any money I get writing. I was paid for my writing for the first time this month, and I was pretty happy about that. In the past month, I also had to get a job not related to writing to pay my living expenses in the meantime.


Note-this is not a picture of me. I’m far less cheery

It was a depressing realisation, and it felt a lot like I was giving up on my chances of being a ‘real’ writer. I can’t write everyday with the work and the hours I’m doing. I can’t think about characters or plot while I work, because I’m already slow while I learn. I’ve been getting home exhausted and in pain with barely enough time to eat, wash and go to bed so I can sleep and get up to do it all over again. I haven’t even been reading1.

But! I’m writing this today. I’ve started reading a great book that I received for review on netgalley, and I have every expectation that I’ll be able to work on a short story once I’m done with this post. I’ll never be a ‘real’ writer if I don’t make time to write, even when I’m sore, or tired, or sad. If I don]t have the time, that’s one (sad, unfortunate) thing, if I don’t make time, that’s a choice; and I choose writing. I will make this into a profitable, sustainable career. I will get better at the job I’m doing now so I have more time to focus on the tasks I actually want to achieve. I will earn enough that I’ll be able to find a job better suited to my needs and interests (hopefully writing related, but if not I’ll manage);

For now, a day job is a necessity. If I don’t make writing my night job (and my weekend job, and my spare time job, and my easter job…), there’s very little chance it will ever become a real career, and I refuse to accept that.

So if I post a little less often, or read fewer books, it’s not because I’ve lost interest, it’s because I’m making time. I know there’s a lot of other readers and writers out there doing the same thing. Keep going! And know that I will to.


1That’s how you know it’s serious

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