NaNoWriMo Overview

National novel writing month is now over, at least in Australia; and by the time I get this up most likely in the rest of the world too. I basically did a summary/explanation of my performance in NaNoWriMo already (NaNoWriMo Update- Day 28(ish)), but I thought I’d do another post now that November is officially over, just to wrap up.

So, (I hear absolutely none of you asking because this is the Internet, I haven’t published this post yet and I doubt many people care) how did I do?

Thanks, convenient hypothetical impatiently questioning person, I’m about to tell you!

I didn’t win (a key phrase in my writing career so far). But I did prove something to myself.

Namely, I’m always more productive if I work as a habit, not a hobby. Not news to any of you, I’m sure, or me either, to be honest, but I was surprised by just how much more productive.

Productive enough to go uncaffeinated? Hahahahaha, no.

For example, if any of you read my update of 2-ish days ago- you know I’d written about 10 000 words. Well, as of midnight November 30th, I’d written about 15 000. I’m quite happy with that.

I also intend to keep up the sustained effort on my new project into December, because so much of November was a write-off (and thus, rather ironically, far less writing than was intended was done).

NaNoWriMo is meant to encourage and support writing projects, not give my brain an excuse to tap out the second the calendar flips to December. I may post updates here on my work in progress, maybe a snippet or two if I write a line I’m particularly fond of; but most likely the only references from here on out to my writing will be as an explanation for my posts.
Thank you to everyone who read and liked my NaNoWriMo posts, and congratulations to any of you who won.

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