National novel writing month is almost upon us! It’s not until November (hence the Mo in NaNoWriMo), but if you (or I, or anyone) intend to write 50 000 words in a month, being organised before the calendar flips around to November is crucial.

If you haven’t heard of NaNoWriMo before (and you’re interested enough to read an article on it anyway), it is an annual event (challenge?) during which writers around the world do their best to write 50 000 words in a month, ideally in the form of a novel. That’d be a fairly short novel, though, and if your writing style is anything like mine, editing is always about cutting down (always!). But no matter what genre you’re writing in, 50 000 words would be a fair chunk of a novel, and doing that in a month is still impressive (but hopefully achievable).

You can sign up, and talk to other people, but I can’t really say much about that, having never signed up and officially taken part before1, but this year I intend to change all that! I’ve got a bunch of ideas for various books, a couple of them started, the rough draft complete of one and several others that are still amorphous idea clouds…

lagoon-nebula-11143_1280 The main character is a chimneysweep who starts fires and her love interest is the daughter of the police chief… A recent divorcée on a roadtrip discovers the corpse of her ex-husband. Why does he have a gun in his pocket? And will the police ever believe she’s not involved?

…But most of those will doubtless never see the light of day². So! For NaNoWriMo I’m going the smart route and picking one of the books I’ve already started to try and get a completed first draft.

If you’re taking part too, let me know in the comments below. I’ll try to remember to keep you guys updated here about how I’m going, which project I choose, and when I’ve signed up officially.

UPDATE 21/10- I’ve signed up! It was easier than expected, so if you’re interested at all, go do it! I haven’t added any information to my profile, because I’m relatively reclusive (if the lack of picture and a name (even a fake one) on this blog didn’t tip you off, but if anyone reads this and wants to… network? I guess? on the NaNoWriMo site/forum: my username is mf945. Sign up, add me, let’s hold each other accountable 🙂


1Or even unofficially. I tend to forget about NaNoWriMo until November’s at least half over, and I never seem to follow through on my own; as is the case for a lot of people, I imagine—hence the event

²For good reason!

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